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Early First Century - The Brigantes.
The District round Castleford formed part of the Brigantes country - they were a courageous, hardy race who for the longest time withstood the advance of the Roman Legion. There is evidence that a Quernery (grain grinding mill) was in being at this early date in Ferry Fryston.
[More on the Brigantes by Derek D?] In ancient Britain the Brigantes were a tribe conquered by the Romans during the reign of Antoninus Pius (A.D. 155). The Brigantes occupied the regions in and around the area which is now Yorkshire and Lancashire. Their chief city was Isurium (Aldborough, Yorkshire) and later Eboracum (York). They were twice defeated by the Romans (A.D. 50 and A.D. 71) before their final subjection by Antoninus, and during his reign the Brigantes lost even more of their land to the Romans.
Map Of The Area Ruled By The Brigantes
Map Of The Area Ruled By The Brigantes
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