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948 A.D. - The Battle Of Castleford
When Eadred succeeded to the throne of Northumbria in 946 the Northumbrians pledged their obedience to him. They then quickly changed their minds and by 947 had taken Eirik Haraldsson (Eric Bloodaxe) as their king.
King Eadred was not very happy with this so he punished the northern defectors by launching a destructive raid on Northumbria, which notably included burning the Ripon minster founded by St Wilfrid.
As Eadred’s forces were returning south they sustain heavy losses in the Battle of Castleford (Ceaster forda). It is claimed that Eadred managed to subdue his rival by promising them even greater havoc if they did not desert Eirik.
The Northumbrians preferring to live, even under an English king, renounced Eirik and paid Eadred compensation.
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