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1080 - Hamelin Mill
Ilbert de Lacy was one of William the Conqueror's Barons, who commenced to build Pontefract Castle and which was completed in 1080. All the land within the vicinity was under his jurisdiction and the Domesday Book gives details of the number of ploughs, cottars, villanes, bordars, churches, priests, fisheries, mills, carucates of lands. We learn that in this vicinity Ilbert allowed Hamelin to have ploughs, villanes, meadows and a mill that had previously belonged to one Suuan. Henry de Lacy allowed two mills to Castleford in 1140.
Cottars, villanes and bordars are peasants or serfs. Each of these designations were slightly different in that some could rent land, some could not, some could grow 'personal' food, others could not.
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