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1321 - The Beheading of Thomas, Earl of Lancaster
Thomas was opposed to Edward II's favourites and headed a revolt of the Northern Lords in support of Henry. They were defeated and Henry taken prisoner. Edward II was at Pontefract and ordered the Earl to be beheaded in sight of his own castle, on St. Thomas Hill. A stone coffin was found on St. Thomas Hill, containing the decapitated skeleton of a man and there was every probability that this was Thomas. The coffin was taken into the care of the Milnes family of Fryston Hall and was seen as late as 1903.

Thomas Earl of Lancaster was executed in 1322 not 1321. The stone coffin which was supposed to have contained his body and was kept at Fryston Hall until 1903 is now residing at Pontefract Castle, however the coffin is Roman and contained a gypsum burial which is supposed to be Roman. The skeleton is alledged to be in a cardboard box in WMDC stores? [Submitted By: Louis3] 
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