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1822 - Dictionary of Towns, Villages & Hamlets in Yorkshire
The following entry is contained in the "Dictionary of Towns, Villages and Hamlets in Yorkshire" by Thomas Langdale, Dated 1822 (Page 254).
CASTLEFORD, a parish-town, in the wapentake of Osgoldcross, liberty of Pontefract, 3 miles from Ferrybridge, 3½ NW. of Pontefract, 22½ from York. Pop. 1,022. The Church is a rectory, dedicated to All-Saints, in the deanry of Pontefract, value, £20. 13s. 1½d. (£20.66p) Patron, the King, as Duke of Lancaster.
Castleford, situated on the Ermine Street, near the confluence of the rivers Aire and Calder, is called by Marianus, Casterford. Here was a Roman station, named Legeolium, by Antoninus; and which Hovedon, the historian, expressly calls a city. Here many Roman ruins, and other antiquities have been frequently found; and at this place a battle was fought, between the Danes and Saxons, under Edred, in 950, in which the former were entirely defeated. The Danes, after having experienced the clemency of Edred at York, followed the Saxons from that city to Castleford, unnoticed, where they fell upon his rear with great fury; but such was the invincible valour of Edred, that he completely defeated them, and severely punished them for their ingratitude. Few or no traces of the antiquities of Castleford are now to be seen. - Camden. - Drake.
Thomas de Casterford, a Benedictine Monk, who flourished about the year 1326, and who wrote a history of Pontefract, was a native of this place.
The Tithes of this parish are settled by Act of Parliament; the rector receives twenty eight quarts of wheat, for every pound rent paid by the tenant to his landlord, on Arable land, and twenty quarts for every two pounds rent, on Grass land.
In the 'History, Directory & Gazetteer, of the County of York' by Edward Baines dated 1822 (Page 478) the entry of 'professions and trades' for CASTLEFORD were as follows:
(Gentry etc.)
Barnes Rev. Theophilus, rector
Garlick John, post master
Heptonstall Thomas, corn miller
Hodgson William, saddler
Holmes Robert, hair dresser
Ingham David, corn & flour dealer
Ingham Samuel, schoolmaster
Kemp Matthew, grocer
Long Thomas, spirit merchant
Parkinson Thos., victualer, George & Dragon
Prince John, Sen., victualer, Ship Inn
Prince John, Jun., lime merchant
Sykes Wm., bricklayer
Thornton John, victualer, Spangled Bull
Wadsworth James, victualer, Mexbro' Arms
Walker William, wheelwright
Watson Elizabeth, victualer, Keel
Etherington Jph., & farrier
Moorhouse Matt.
Simpson John
Carniss Alexander
Howard William
Hurst John
Simpson Charles
(Cabinet makers)
England Matthew
Hewett William
(Pot makers)
Fletcher I., (black)
Russell T.S., (stone)
Burn Joseph
Walton Benjamin
Brook Alice
Ellis Richard
England Paul
Redmayne Sarah
Sharp James
Turner Sarah
Wilson Thomas
Feetham A., & draper
Howen Thomas
(Vessel Owners)
Ashton Joseph
Boulton Thomas
Darling William
Dickinson Francis
Firth Richard
Firth William
Hanson Thomas
Hodgson Isaac
Howen Thomas
Johnson George
Kemp Matthew
Parkinson Thomas
Pennington Robt.
Steel Thomas
Taylor David
Townsley Valent.
Townsley Richard
Townsley Mary
Winn George
Wright Francis
Wright George
In the "Dictionary of Towns, Villages and Hamlets in Yorkshire" by Thomas Langdale, Dated 1822 (Page 319) A separate entry was made for Houghton, or Glass-Houghton:
HOUGHTON, or GLASS HOUGHTON, in the parish of Castleford, wapentake of Osgoldcross, liberty of Pontefract; 2 miles from Pontefract, 3 from Ferrybridge, 9 from Wakefield. - Pop. 412.
In the 'History, Directory & Gazetteer, of the County of York' by Edward Baines dated 1822 (Page 507) the entries of 'professions and trades' for Glass Houghton were:
Carr John, butcher
Davison Thos., victualer, Shoulder Mutton
England Matth., victualer & wheelwright, Woodman Inn
Oldroyd Geo., victualer, Traveller's Inn
Walton William, vessel owner
Both of the books mentioned above can be located in the Harvard College Library.
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