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1929 - The War Memorial
When the 'Great War' ended in 1918 almost every village and town in the country erected a war memorial. Castleford was to be no different except that it took them longer than most. But this was to be no ordinary memorial because it took the shape of a much needed eight-bed maternity home. A sum of £4000 was raised, including a gift of £2800 from the Miners Welfare Committee, which allowed the District Council to purchase and equip Hanbury House in Barnes Road.
To the towns disgrace when the hospital was sold and renovated as a private residential housing complex the Memorial Tablet was discarded, later to be found broken in two in the Queens Park greenhouses. Despite the anger this caused, the town was unable to find a central position for it. In the end it was re-sited, perhaps where it was most appreciated, at the Royal British Legion premises in Powell Street.
War Memorial
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