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1869 - Grander and Grander
Castleford's Local Board of Health was established to run the local affairs of the town in 1851. At a meeting of the board on the 28th. of July 1869, they resolved that a design for a new seal be approved and adopted and that the Latin phrase 'Audacter et Sincere' (Boldly and Frankly), be adopted as Castleford's motto. At this time they met at the offices of George Bradley, which later became the Liberal Club.
In 1871 they purchased Gilcroft Cottage to use as offices, the site also contained the fire brigade station and plumbers workshops. Originally Gilcroft Cottage was the private residence of Thomas Simpson, one of the founders of John Lumb's glassworks. When built in the 1850's, it stood in orchards and allotments. It was bounded by Carlton Street to its front and Gill's Croft (now Bradley Street), from which it got its name. Castleford Free Library was added at the side in 1905. Castleford Urban District Council wanted to become a borough and approached Whitwood many times to amalgamate but was always refused. However in 1938 the town district was enlarged to incorporate Whitwood along with Glasshoughton, Ferry Fryston, Airedale and Lock Lane but its local government status did not change until 1952.
The new Borough came into being on the 23rd. of May 1955. Barry Dale says he remembers wearing his cub scout uniform and presenting Mr Ezra Taylor (the first Mayor) with a buttonhole flower on the day of the announcement.
Unfortunately this was to be short lived because Castleford itself was incorporated into the Wakefield Metropolitan District Council in 1974.
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