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by Mr & Mrs Dale of Castleford
(for Castleford town and its people.)
Let's go back in time, to old Castleford,
To see the town as it was, you will never be bored.
We will open the book, & search 100 years,
From the horse, cart, & trams, to the automobiles.
Our first place to call, is a "real shoppers treat",
Bustling with life, on old Carton street.
The shops are so varied, not one looks the same,
Many trimmed up, selling properly hung game.
With each one you view, they are very surprising,
Showing lavish displays, of old advertising.
The market clock, remains a bit of a "winder",
Bearing that famous old face, as a constant reminder.
A nostalgic tram car, veers its way through,
With men wearing bowler hats, forming the crew.
Along side the tram, bears adverts of many,
Including "mineral waters", sold at a penny.
Faces peer into a window display,
But their money is sparse, through low rate of pay.
The illuminated clock, looks "a dominant ruler",
To the sparkling delight of "Jenning's the jeweller".
Horses & carts are frequently seen,
Laden with goods, on their daily routine.
An imposing large "gas Lamp" stands noble & proud,
And bears witness below it, a gathering crowd.
Discussing regular issues, venues, & places,
Even the odd wager, at Pontefract races.
Political issues, often crop up,
Concluding to many a financial rut.
For it is known to the locals, as "The Bridge Foot".
Hard working families, with Labour at Heart,
With long working hours, & up early to start.
"Parkin, the iron monger", has a wonderful store,
The "Key", to success, is hung over their door.
"Mesdames, Thorntons & MarshalIs", fit for a Queen,
For that special hat ladies, your sure to be seen.
A top window display, from Hats to stained Glass,
Assuring the Lady, with plenty of class.
Who could resist it, in all its refinery,
It's the top of your clothes lists, & has to be primary.
The parish church of all saints, tells many a story,
Standing firmly and proud, in its heavenly Glory.
For Toothpaste, cold cream, & ointment for sores,
Pop down to "Hudsons", "The Times Drug Stores".
Or if that chesty cough, proves rather ailing,
A bottle of "Veno's" will have you plain sailing.
For "stoneware", try - "Hartley, Clokie, & Gills",
Utility wear, and decorative spills.
Including fine Earthenware, & manner of things,
From black, to brown ware, & pudding basins.
"Breffits & Lumbs" are well in demand,
Producing bottles, & jars all over the land.
Many for pop, were sold "good & proper",
Some with a marble, or ebonite stopper.
Whether mineral water, or stone Ginger Ale,
Try "Townends, Smiths, or Roberts",
You can not simply fail.
Numerous men return from the mines,
Trying to scrape for a wage, at these difficult times.
You had to graft hard, with all you could give,
In order for "you", & your families to live.
Castleford town relied on its coal,
Being the main industry, Heart & its soul.
Castleford park looks scenic & grand,
From the ornate spring fountain,
To "the lively Bandstand".
It's a popular place, which many do seek,
For the leisurely walks, & historic wakes weeks.
Or you could sit by the ruins, "Where Cromwell once stood",
And see from behind you a dense covered wood.
Castleford Rugby, has always had talent,
From the skill of Bruce Atkinson, very apparent.
"Come on Brus' show us some more",
And with it his own words, why go round the house,
When you can go through the front door.
& during this time we "Merit his Shield",
Admired by many, & feared on the field.
Now just near the Bridge foot, a man stands holding a flagon,
For he has sampled the brew, as he leaves "George & Dragon".
A well known old Inn, that attracts many males,
It is due to its sign, selling "Darley's fine Ales".
Let us step forward, & push further on,
We will witness, what's standing, & also what's gone.
Including new buildings, shops, trades, & places,
A new generation, with old and new faces.
The tram long since vanished, & horse & its cart,
Roads are concreted, as the cars prove their part.
Tram posts removed, & Gas Lamps replaced,
By tall upright lights, which are evenly spaced.
Lorries, cars, & buses appear on the street,
Not in great numbers, but look quite a treat.
Looking down Car!ton street, you feel apprehension,
As you notice the shops, form a whole new dimension.
"Mercer's" stands out, like a leopard with spots,
For gramophone records, prams, toys, & cots.
The market clock, still strong & supporting,
A timely assurance of Castleford courting.
Market Hall is a popular venue,
For your meat, fruit, or veg, to top up your menu.
Or you could call to "Schofields" & take none the lesser,
And sample their goods, "The Official Tripe Dresser."
Castleford Library, still bold & alive,
Since its doors became open in 1905.
You can sit yourself down here, & read to content,
And pass half an hour that feels wisely spent.
Much of these times, are fondly remembered,
Let us see, Castleford's future is mutually tended.
Mr. & Mrs. Dale © 2003
They also sent this postcard of Castleford dated 1913.
Castleford Postcard - 1913
Castleford Postcard - 1913
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